31 Aug 2018
Lonza's Capsule Delivery Solutions Launches Capsugel® Colorista ™
  • Offering a unique R&D solution for early-stage development and compatibility testing

Basel (CH), 31 August 2018 – Capsule Delivery Solutions, part of Lonza Pharma & Biotech, is launching the Capsugel® Colorista product, a high-quality capsule based on an “all-colorants” formulation. This new capsule further expands the Lonza Capsugel® R&D offering.

Colorista capsules contain a broad selection of colorants suitable for use in major markets, allowing pharmaceutical customers to have access to a wide array of colors, and are available in both Vcaps® Plus (HPMC) and Coni-Snap® gelatin.

“A common issue faced by drug product developers is that the color composition choice for the commercial drug product is often made after initial stability studies. If new colors are introduced, it may require additional studies, which can result in costly delays," said Emmanuelle Saugues, Color Lab EMEA Supervisor for Lonza. "To address this problem, we have developed Colorista capsules at the Capsugel® Color Lab.”

Colorista capsules offer more than 150 color options in Coni-Snap® gelatin capsules and more than 50 color options in Vcaps® Plus capsules and are available in different sizes to enable the encapsulation of a wide range of doses and formulations.

Niki Kolokotronis, Sales Director Americas for Capsule Delivery Solutions, explained: “Colorista™ capsules meet the demand of our pharmaceutical customers who look for solutions that cut down on development time while giving them flexibility to progress with technical development before the final commercial color decision is taken.”

Like all other products in the Capsugel® portfolio, Colorista capsules rely on Color Lab services, as well as regulatory and compliance support, to help Lonza's customers in the formulation, design and manufacturing of high-quality oral delivery solutions.

The addition of Colorista capsules broaden the already comprehensive pre-clinical and clinical portfolio of Capsugel® empty capsules, providing solutions for the full drug product development process.

More information about Capsugel Colorista™ capsules is available here.