15 Jun 2018
Lonza to Host New Webinar: “Fast-Track Development of an In Vitro 3D Lung-Immune Cell Model for Enhanced Disease Modeling”

Cologne (DE) / Walkersville, MD (USA), 15 June 2018 – On 25 June 2018, Lonza, in collaboration with Kirkstall Ltd., a biotechnology company based in Rotherham (UK), is hosting a free 60-minute webinar on the development of more physiologically relevant 3D lung-immune cell models for enhanced disease modeling.

Conventional in vitro lung models often involve the use of static cultures that lack the biomechanical cues experienced in vivo. However, these biomechanical cues influence the distinct behavioral characteristics of cells and, therefore, should be mimicked in vitro for more accurate disease modeling.

More advanced in vitro culture approaches are helping to address this challenge by utilizing microfluidic devices, which enable miniaturization. However, these methods involve moving cells from a macroscopic culture environment of dishes, flasks and well plates to a microfluidic culture system, which often requires researchers to spend time extensively revising existing culture protocols.

Titled “Fast-Track Development of an In Vitro 3D Lung-Immune Cell Model Using the Quasi Vivo® System,” the webinar will be presented by Dr. Bhumika Singh, Chief Scientific Officer at Kirkstall Ltd., and special guest presenter, Dr. Doris Wilflingseder, Associate Professor and Vice Director of the Division of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology at Innsbruck Medical University. During the webinar they will explore:

  • The advantages of using the Quasi Vivo® System – a milli-fluidic bioreactor – to develop a more physiologically relevant 3D lung-immune cell model
  • The benefits of culturing cells with continuous media perfusion, including providing a constant nutrient supply and removal of waste products
  • How airway cells can show improved functionality when cultured with media perfusion, including significantly accelerated ciliogenesis, increased cilia movement, enhanced mucus production and improved barrier function (Chandorkar et al., 2017)1.
  • How the Quasi Vivo® System can reduce the time needed for experimental procedures by up to two thirds

Anyone interested in attending the webinar can register here.

Date: Monday, 25 June 2018

8 AM PDT (Los Angeles)
11 AM EST (New York)
4 PM BST (London)

5 PM CEST (Berlin)

Further information can be found on the Quasi Vivo® System product page. By registering interest in the webinar, participants will receive a link once it is available to view “on demand” via the Lonza website. More information about Lonza's upcoming webinars is available here: www.lonza.com/webinars.


1Chandorkar, P. et al. Fast-track development of an in vitro 3D lung/immune cell model to study Aspergillus infections. Scientific Reports. Volume 7, Article number: 11644 (2017)