19 Apr 2018
Lonza's New CCH® Endurance Feeder Offers Superior Protection with Low Maintenance
  • NSF-Certified Feeder's Tablets Provide 3-in-1 Protection

Basel, Switzerland, 19 April 2018 –Lonza Water Care, a global leader in swimming pool treatment products and feeder systems, announced today the launch of a new offering: CCH® Endurance Feeder for use in pools and spas at hotels, motels, apartment and condominium complexes and other private and public venues.

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50, this innovative system uses Lonza's slow-dissolving calcium hypochlorite tablets, which offers the convenience of traditional trichlor feeder systems with all the benefits of a non-stabilized calcium hypochlorite system.

With the simplicity of an erosion feeder, the streamlined CCH® Endurance Feeder is easy to install and service and requires minimal operator maintenance. Constructed with an easy-to-load cartridge to control dosing and a drain port to help prevent spills, the CCH® Endurance Feeder is the go-to-low-maintenance option.

The calcium hypochlorite tablets provide long-lasting action and pack a powerful 3-in-1 punch by killing harmful bacteria and pathogens that may cause recreational water illnesses, increasing calcium to help protect plaster pool surfaces and increasing alkalinity to help stabilize pH. Compared with liquid bleach, these tablets are highly concentrated, which reduces shipping and handling costs. As Class 2 oxidizers, these tablets work with oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) sensors and will not cause reduction of ORP.

CCH® Endurance calcium hypochlorite tablets chlorinate pool water without adding unnecessary cyanuric acid, which may reduce the effectiveness of chlorine, affect water balance and damage pool plaster.

More information is available online on the CCH® Endurance website https://www.cchendurance.com/.