04 Apr 2018
Lonza Water Care Volunteers in Curaҫao to Improve Conditions of Children's Shelter

Alpharetta, GA (USA), 4 April 2018 – On 31 January 2018, Lonza Water Care representatives volunteered on the island of Curaҫao, off the coast of Venezuela, at a children's shelter in desperate need of improvements. They accomplished the work during an annual retreat for top application companies of Applied Biochemists® surface water products, where the application companies, along with Lonza employees, connect with each other, enjoy some tropical sunshine and provide a charitable service.

Located in an impoverished area in Stichting Doen, Curaҫao, the shelter's well was inoperative, which negatively affected the children's well-being. Through the Lonza P.E.A.C.H.™ (People Extending a Caring Hand) project, the lack of access to water was remedied, providing a sustainable solution for the organization.

Before the team arrived, local contractors drilled a new well and installed a new pump to restore water use to the garden, greenhouse and indoor facilities. Nine Lonza Water Care Surface Water employees along with 28 of their customers and spouses, then worked to clear dense weeds and brush from the gardens, plant new fruits and vegetables, clean out the greenhouse, install drip irrigation, and paint the main living area and bedrooms.

The new well, sponsored by Lonza's P.E.A.C.H.™ project, provides a sustainable cost savings for the shelter. Now the shelter can use the well water for the kitchen, laundry and toilets; and the wastewater is filtered for the gardens and greenhouse plants. These significant cost savings and meaningful improvements help the shelter to efficiently function and provide a safe haven and a comfortable learning environment for the youth.

Along with all of the on-site volunteer efforts, many participants also graciously donated items and money to the shelter. More information about how to help the facility is on its website at http://www.kinderoordenbrakkeput.com/.

Lonza's Applied Biochemists® product line includes algaecides, herbicides, colorants, biologicals and adjuvants to provide solutions for surface water applications, including cyanobacteria remediation, prescriptive algal management, nuisance weed control, taste and odor complaints in drinking water and other water-related problems. The application companies that took part in the retreat provide management services to lake and pond customers experiencing these common issues.