06 Oct 2017
Lonza Showcases Optimized Polyglyceryl Ester Combination, Multifunctional Polymer and Preservative Portfolio at in-cosmetics Latin America

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 6 October 2017 – At in-cosmetics Latin America from 20-21 September in São Paulo (BR), Lonza demonstrated how it helps formulators optimize the functionality of its emulsifiers and develop the most effective formulations.

In the show's Innovation Zone, Lonza featured two naturally derived Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters which when combined create formulations with excellent stability and enhanced aesthetics. At the Sensory Bar, Lonza showcased three prototype formulations that demonstrate a broad range of key technologies, ingredients and preservatives. In addition, the company highlighted LaraCare® A200, a naturally occurring multifunctional polymer and its non-traditional Geogard® preservative portfolio.

Lonza's Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters range encompasses naturally derived surfactant and emulsifier alternatives that Latin American cosmetics manufacturers can customize to suit their formulation needs. Lonza featured Polyaldo® 10-2-P Pastillated and Polyaldo® 6-2-S polyglyceryl esters in the Innovation Zone. Lonza has discovered through extensive research that the patent-pending emulsifier combination outperforms traditional emulsifier systems. By increasing formulation viscosity, the Polyaldo® combination provides formulators with highly stable, high-viscosity emulsions.

Improving Appearances, Naturally

“Latin American consumers today are looking to natural skin care products and cosmetics that effectively protect their skin from environmental stressors and the effects of aging,” said Vanessa Arruda, Marketing Manager- for, Lonza Consumer Care in São Paulo. “We're helping formulators respond to consumer concerns with LaraCare® A200 naturally occurring polymer plus the naturally derived Polyaldo® esters and the Geogard® preservative portfolio.”

LaraCare® A200 polymer, Geogard® preservatives portfolio and Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters product line offer products that include the following benefits:

  • manufactured from 100% plant-derived raw materials
  • validated by COSMOS, ECOCERT, NATRUE, and the Soil Association
  • Kosher and Halal certifications

Multifunctional, mild and water-dispersible, LaraCare® A200 polymer helps improve skin appearance by reducing the appearance of superficial fine lines and wrinkles. It enhances the skin's barrier properties and emulsion stability. In addition, the easy-to-use polymer imparts film-forming properties, which help reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and therefore improve moisture levels in skin.

Preservatives and Prototypes

Offering wide formulation latitude and a range of pH tolerances, Lonza's Geogard® product line comprises single-active and blended preservatives that deliver broad-spectrum product protection and viable alternatives to traditional chemistries.

In addition to highlighting key technologies at its stand and the Innovation Zone, Lonza featured three prototype skin-care formulations at the Sensory Bar. Here visitors were able to try out formulas offering unique textures and sensations. The prototypes were the following:

  • A nourishing cleansing water that features Lonza's premier nutritional ingredients and its naturally derived Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester, which enhances foam, maintains mildness and offers a luxurious feel
  • A gel primer to jump-start a face regime
  • A cold-process after shave serum for moisturizing men's skin and helping protect it from the elements

Further information about Lonza technologies and these prototype formulations is available by contacting Nadia Capuzzo, Account Manager, Lonza Consumer Care Nadia.capuzzo@lonza.com.