26 Jul 2017
Lonza Pharma&Biotech Launches Ibex™ Solutions – An Innovative New Concept in Biological Manufacturing and Development

Visp, Switzerland, 26 July 2017 – Lonza's commitment to constant innovation and adding value to its customers and partners is today demonstrated by the launch of Ibex™ Solutions – a unique addition to its current offering.

Ibex™ Solutions is an innovative new biological development and manufacturing concept, coupling flexibility in facility-build-out with fully tailored business models and leveraging Lonza's expertise and service network in Visp (CH). Construction began in June with a formal groundbreaking ceremony expected in the second half of 2017. Several hundred new positions are expected to be created.

Ibex biomanufacturing comprises a modular, technology-independent development and manufacturing complex capable of supporting activities across multiple technologies – mammalian, microbial, cellular or bio-conjugate – and from late discovery to manufacture. This flexibility gives customers complete freedom in facility design and implementation, and the ability to respond rapidly as their needs evolve.

Responsiveness is further enhanced by the integration of the Ibex™ biomanufacturing complex into the Visp site with its experienced workforce and established service networks.

Ibex Solutions include highly flexible models to match and adapt to each customer's expectations and forecasts. The availability of a modular complex means time-to-market can be reduced by 12 months or more. These advantages contribute to a significant de-risking of major strategic investment decisions.

Lonza's Pharma&Biotech COO, Marc Funk, commented: “Lonza has been creating innovative manufacturing and production solutions for 120 years, and we are continuing to pioneer clinical and commercial manufacturing in multiple technologies all over the world. We have been working with our partners to understand what we can offer that will really change the game for them, and that's why we have created Ibex™.”

Ibex™ Solutions – Features

· Modular biomanufacturing complex

· A partner with expertise in multiple technologies and
proven track record

· Technology-independent construction

· Flexible engagement options

· Existing infrastructure and support networks

· Facilities embedded in the ecosystem of Visp (CH)

Ibex™ Solutions – Benefits

· Faster time-to-market

· Full build-out flexibility

· Significant reduction in investment risk

· Tailored business and ownership models, providing
higher transparency and flexibility

· Cost-effective build-out and fast ramp-up

· Assured delivery, simplified with supply chain

· Stable workforce, IP protection and favorable taxation

Background to Ibex™ Solutions

The path to market of a modern medicine is complex and uncertain. Under the growing pressure of regulation and competition, biopharma companies must be able to solve critical development steps under tight time and budget constraints.

This process not only entails significant capex investment in technically challenging processes during both the drug substance and drug product phases of the value chain, but also management of multiple partners, which ensures quality and regulatory compliance across that continuum.

Ibex™ Solutions from Lonza provide customers with agile capability at every stage of development and manufacture.

Further information is available on www.lonza.com.