13 Jun 2017
Lonza Consumer Care to Address Need to “Preserve Preservatives” at World of Wipes ® Conference
  • Lonza presenter Phil Hindley to outline the challenges facing wipes formulators today in effective, sustainable preservation choices and to identify candidate strategies available

Blackley, Manchester (UK), 13 June 2017 – Lonza today announced that Phil Hindley, Lonza Consumer Care's Head, Global Marketing Preservation, will speak at the World of Wipes® International Conference from 12-15 June in Nashville, TN (USA).

Hindley will speak on “Preserving Preservatives” and focus on how formulators and ingredient suppliers need a truly collaborative approach to assure the continued availability of a broad palette of preservation options. He will discuss industry challenges, such as how the ingredient supply industry needs to be committed to “preserving preservatives” and how suppliers joining with formulators must satisfy ever-changing, dynamic market requirements while also complying with ever-increasing regulations.

In addition, Hindley will discuss the role of preservatives and the risks of inadequate preservation, the state of the preservation market, the regulatory environment, compliance with European Union and other legislative guidelines, and the future of preservative options and strategies.

Hindley explained the main premises of his presentation: “The future of preservation in the consumer-focused environment can be based on a number of options, including defense of existing actives, investing in innovation through new market offerings, and improving industry collaboration,” he said. “Lonza is committed to such a multi-faceted approach, one that is sustainable and science-based.”

Hindley noted that across the home care and personal care markets – within which the wet wipes sector is a significant contributor – many preservatives, primarily those acknowledged as "traditional," are subjected to seemingly endless scrutiny and pressure.

“As a result,” he said, “the preservative supplier industry needs to develop and implement a strategy that encompasses both defense and advocacy. We must encourage development of existing chemistries, as well as innovation in new and alternative solutions.”

Hindley added that formulators need preservatives that are as sustainable as possible, as future-proof as possible and as free of controversy as possible. "Meanwhile, ingredient suppliers must ensure that they navigate regulatory challenges and assure the broadest palette of preservatives based on combinations of traditional and non-traditional chemistries.”

He said that industry suppliers should retain the lead because they are in the unique position of understanding both the regulations and performance requirements.

Hindley will present “Preserving Preservatives” in the “Staying Ahead of Environmental Hot Spots” seminar at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, 14 June, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.