28 Apr 2017
New Lonza Consumer Care Prototype Formulations Debut at NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2017: Highlight Polyaldo ® Emulsifiers and Preservatives Portfolio

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 28 April 2017Five new prototype formulations from Lonza Consumer Care demonstrate the versatility of its Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters range and highlight its preservative portfolio, particularly the Geogard® line. Lonza (Booth 839) will introduce these prototypes in the U.S. at NYSCC Suppliers' Day, May 2-3 in New York.

New Formulations

“The formulations showcase Lonza's ability to supply a broad range of key technologies and ingredients in addition to the preservative leadership for which we're known,” said Victor Low, Lonza Global Marketing Manager - Personal Care. “They incorporate our Polyaldo® products for emulsification or for use as a mild surfactant, and our leading non-traditional preservatives.” Lonza will exhibit the formulations at its Inspiration Station, a new in-booth feature the company debuted at in-cosmetics Global in London earlier this month.

Lonza Key Technologies

The Frosty Feel “Ice Cream” textured lotion prototype drew particular interest in London, and Lonza will showcase it in New York. It features many Lonza key technologies:

  • Two Polyaldo®esters form an emulsion base for the flexibility to create different textures;
  • Polyglycerin and film-forming actives provide moisturization benefits;
  • A Geogard®preservative maintains the formulation integrity.

Lonza's Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters range encompasses versatile, naturally derived surfactant and emulsifier alternatives that American cosmetics manufacturers can customize to suit their formulation needs. Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester (INCI name: Polyglyceryl-10 caprylate/caprate), for example, offers excellent foam generation while maintaining mildness in baby shampoos, hand washes and facial cleaners. It is ECOCERT-certified, manufactured from 100% plant-derived raw materials and an excellent choice for PEG-free cleansing formulations.

Offering wide formulation latitude and pH tolerance, Lonza's Geogard® line comprises a variety of single-active and blended preservatives that provides broad-spectrum product protection whilst providing a viable alternative to traditional chemistries. Within this globally-approved Geogard® product line can be found compliance with ECOCERT, COSMOS, NATRUE and the Soil Association, as well as Vegan, and Halal.”

“As our Geogard line capably demonstrates, Lonza continues to innovate in response to a dynamic and evolving market demand for high-performing alternative preservation chemistries,” said Phil Hindley, Head, Global Marketing - Preservation. “We also advocate for our current core, trusted technologies to ensure that the broadest palette of preservatives remains available to the wide array of formulators.”

Information about Lonza polyglyceryl technologies, including Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester is available from Victor Low, Global Marketing Manager - Personal Care, Lonza Consumer Care at victor.low@lonza.com. Information about the Lonza preservation portfolio is available from Phil Hindley, Head, Global Marketing – Preservation, Lonza Consumer Care at phil.hindley@lonza.com.