27 Apr 2017
Lonza Celebrates 10 Years as ADC Manufacturing Pioneers

Basel, Switzerland, 27 April 2017 Lonza today announced that it is celebrating a decade of antibody drug conjugate (ADC) manufacturing under cGMP. Lonza currently manufactures more than 50 ADC batches per year with 98% batch success rate. On top of two commercial ADCs, Lonza supports 20 clinical and several pre-clinical projects.

“Through 10 years of milestones in ADC, Lonza has had the privilege of working with both small and large biopharmaceutical clients to deliver innovative, lifesaving targeted therapies in the form of antibody drug conjugates to oncology patients worldwide,” said Dr. Thomas Rohrer, Associate Director Commercial Development Bioconjugates at Lonza.

With improvements in diagnostic tools and the transition to a personalized approach to treatment, ADCs – combined with other small- and large-molecule drugs – hold the promise of higher patient-response rates for many difficult-to-treat cancers.

“As the next generation of highly potent ADCs evolves, we will work diligently to provide our clients with innovative technical solutions, reliable manufacturing and sustaining value for all their drug substance and product needs,” Mr. Rohrer said.

Over the last 10 years, Lonza has worked with novel linkers, conjugation methods and toxins. Lonza has also adapted and deployed single-use technologies to streamline product change-over in Lonza's cGMP assets. “This improvement results in extra capacity being made available to our customers,” said Dr. Laurent Ducry, Commercial Development Head for Bioconjugates at Lonza.