20 Jan 2017
Lonza Consumer Care Announces Exclusive Market Channel Relationship with Edmar for Industrial and Institutional Laundry Segment

Allendale, NJ (USA), 20 January 2017 – Lonza Consumer Care recently established an exclusive third-party relationship with Edmar Chemical Company for the Industrial and Institutional laundry segment. Edmar will be the sole channel to market for Lonza Consumer Care's Hygiene products sold into commercial laundry applications within the United States, Canada and Mexico. Excluding certain direct accounts, the agreement became effective 31 October 2016.

Lonza's Hygiene products include EPA-registered antimicrobial laundry treatments to control odor, destroy disease-causing pathogens during the washing process, and provide residual protection to laundered fabrics. These products will complement Edmar's current laundry offerings. Edmar's deep knowledge and presence in the institutional laundry market will greatly extend Lonza's reach within this market segment.

“This relationship will help to accelerate Lonza Consumer Care's growth within the commercial laundry segment as we leverage Edmar's strong position in I&I laundry and Lonza's technical and regulatory expertise in EPA registered products,” said Craig Carter, Lonza's North American Marketing Director, Hygiene.

Jack Binder, President of Edmar Chemical, said “Edmar brings more than 40 years' experience in the healthcare, commercial and institutional textile care market. Combining forces with Lonza and their tremendous R&D and product development support will help establish us as a reference player throughout North America. Together with our complete line of antimicrobial products, we are uniquely suited to address the current – and emerging needs – in infection control.”