31 Oct 2016
Lonza Launches New Preservation Website for Personal Care and Homecare Products

Allendale, NJ (USA), 31 October 2016 – Lonza Consumer Care has launched a new website www.lonzapreservation.com dedicated to its preservation offerings to the personal care and homecare markets. The website consolidates all Lonza Consumer Care information on preservative and protection systems product ranges, news, seminars and events. In addition, it features the FormulaProtect® and Preservation Connection™ online preservative-selector tools for personal care and homecare, respectively.

“Our new website enables formulators and other preservation-focused professionals to access Lonza Consumer Care preservative information in one central online location rather than to work through the individual personal care and hygiene sites to find the desired information,” said Phil Hindley, Head Global Marketing, Preservation.

He noted that formulators in homecare and personal care share many of the same challenges in identifying and selecting preservatives for their products. “Our new site is comprehensive, prominent and easy to navigate,” he added.

Lonza Consumer Care offers a comprehensive range of preservation and protection systems to the global homecare and personal care markets. This broad portfolio of single active and blended preservatives offers traditional, non-traditional and novel technologies with broad spectrum efficacy, extensive substrate compatibility, robust data packages and global acceptance and regulatory compliance.

Key brands include the Proxel® range of BIT-based systems, the cost-effective Dantogard® and Glydant® series of preservatives built around DMDMH, and the company's expanding range of “next-generation” non-traditional preservatives and protection systems under the Geogard®, Mikrokill®, Rômacil® and Biovert® brands.