05 Oct 2016
Lonza Ltd. To Present Forum on Polyaldo ® 10-1-CC Polyglyceryl Ester: The Best of Both Worlds

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 5 October 2016 – At the SEPAWA Conference Oct. 12-14 in Fulda, Germany, Lonza Ltd. (Stand 300a) will present its latest polyglyceryl ester, Polyaldo® 10-1-CC, for personal care surfactant cleansing systems. Polyaldo® 10-1-CC offers the best of both worlds: a mild and high-performing foam boost.

Leading a Forum for Innovations, Michael Lützeler, EMEA Technical Marketing Manager – Consumer Care, Lonza Ltd, will detail product benefits and will illustrate why Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polygyceryl ester is well-suited for applications requiring both low or no irritation and high performance.

“Polyaldo® 10-1-CC has been shown to help support superb foam build and structure while providing very low to no irritation in cleansing systems,” said Lützeler. “In our presentation, we'll support the performance test results with relevant data, and we'll offer guide formulations. With this latest development we continue to inspire formulators and excite consumers.”

Lützeler said that the research shows a three times faster foam build over the first 200 seconds with Polyaldo® 10-1-CC in face wash and baby shampoo applications. In in-vitro Epiderm™ and EpiOcular™ evaluations, Polyaldo® 10-1-CC was classified as “very mild” on the skin and eyes. Polyaldo® 10-1-CC exhibited higher surface activity, showing a lower critical micelle concentration (CMC) versus a competitive material. “The increased surface activity can help build foams faster and support better foam structure,” said Lützeler.

Forum for Innovations

Title: Polyaldo® 10-1-CC: The best of both worlds

Speaker: Michael Lützeler, Technical Marketing Manager - EMEA Technical Marketing Manager – Consumer Care, Lonza Ltd.

Location: Hall 3

Date & Time: Wednesday, 12 October, 10:30 am

For more information about Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester, contact Victor Low, Global Marketing Manager - Chassis - Personal Care, Lonza Consumer Care at victor.low@lonza.com.