26 Sep 2016
Lonza to Present at HPCI CEE Technical Seminar About Protecting Skin from Environmental Aggressors

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 26 September 2016 – Lonza Consumer Care (Stand 430) will present at HPCI Central and Eastern Europe's (HPCI CEE) technical seminar on the topic of building environmental protection into skin-care formulations. The company will highlight the effects of environmental stressors on the skin and give details about its Biodynes® O3 bioactive and LaraCare® A200 film-former for protection in skin-care formulations. In addition to its skin-care active ingredients for environmental protection, Lonza also will showcase its extensive portfolio of preservation and delivery systems, chassis ingredients and aesthetic modifiers. HPCI CEE will take place 28 and 29 September in Warsaw, Poland.

“As a society we're moving away from anti-aging products and towards looking after ourselves, protecting ourselves and looking as good as we can at the age that we are,” said Ann Steinmann, Technical Marketing Manager – EMEA, Personal Care, Lonza Consumer Care, who will present, “Environmental Protection Through the Ages.”

“Our collective skin-care objective as we age has less to do with looking younger and more to do with looking healthy and using certain products to help protect and enhance our skin,”

she said.

Steinmann said people today are exposed to chemicals such as ozone (O3) that have a harmful effect on skin, and she described Lonza's solutions for all types of applications.

Biodynes® O3 bioactive, a skin-care active ingredient manufactured using fermentation, protects the skin from environmental aggressors such as O3. It improves moisturization, lowers transepidermal water loss (TEWL), reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and improves skin firmness. The performance of Biodynes® O3 bioactive inspired Lonza's definition of skin protection called Ozone Protection Factor™ or OPF™.

LaraCare® A200, a multi-functional larch-tree active, enhances the skin's barrier properties. Clinical testing has shown its effectiveness in reducing TEWL thereby contributing moisturization benefits to skin care formulations. A naturally-derived, mild, non-irritating and water-dispersible polymer, LaraCare® A200 imparts film-forming properties, helps reduce the appearance of superficial fine lines and reduces TEWL.

Technical Seminar

Title: Environmental Protection Through the Ages

Speaker: Ann Steinmann, Technical Marketing Manager – EMEA, Personal Care, Lonza Consumer Care

Location: The Warsaw International Expocentre XPO XXI

Date & Time: Wednesday, 28 September, 12:40 pm