30 Aug 2016
Lonza to Launch Upgraded FormulaProtect ® Preservative Selection Tool at in-cosmetics North America

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 30 August 2016 – At in-cosmetics North America in New York from 7-8 September, Lonza Consumer Care (Booth C79) will unveil a new version of its FormulaProtect® interactive application for identifying preservatives for personal care applications. With a more engaging and user-friendly interface, the new FormulaProtect® tool enables formulators to select preservatives based not only on key technical and regulatory criteria, but on their response to marketing trends as well.

“Responding to market demand, formulators can designate ingredients they are looking to exclude from a formula,” said Phil Hindley, Global Marketing Manager, Preservation. “For example, if a formulator wishes to select a preservation system according to their global product protection needs and requirements, they can easily do this with the FormulaProtect® tool”.

In addition, formulators can select according to technical criteria such as efficacy, required spectrum, pH, and formulation type; and regulatory criteria such as geographical approvals and regulatory and organizational compliances. Once formulators enter their criteria, the FormulaProtect® tool recommends preservative options along with detailed information on each.

The online selection tool consolidates Lonza's vast repertoire of technical, regulatory and marketing information in one easy-to-use platform. It reflects Lonza's high level of knowledge, expertise, data quality and support for its preservation portfolio.

“Our FormulaProtect® tool enables formulators to truly think outside the box,” said Vito Cataldo, North America Marketing Manager, Lonza Consumer Care. “They can rely on Lonza as their primary resource for preservation, regulatory and toxicology information, to grow their market value.”

in-cosmetics North America participants can see a demonstration of the FormulaProtect® tool at an Innovation Seminar being held on Sept. 7. Participants will learn how this on-line tool will help select the appropriate wet wipe preservative ingredient in a dynamic global personal care preservation market and regulatory environment.

Leading the Innovation Seminar, Angela Sangirardi, Global Application Development Manager - Preservation, Lonza Consumer Care, will detail selection factors for wet wipe preservatives in light of ingredient suppliers' trend toward offering non-traditional preservatives to protect personal care products. After a video presentation on using the FormulaProtect® tool, Sangirardi will discuss selection of a cosmetic or baby wipe preservative.

“In this fast-growing market segment and through commercial adoption across all major formulating regions,” Sangirardi said, “our Geogard UltraTM preservative has proven to be an important ingredient, providing cost-effective and broad-spectrum protection for wet wipe lotions.”

“Seminar participants will learn how to choose the right preservative for cosmetic and baby wipe liquids,” Sangirardi added. “Plus they will learn the benefits of protecting their formulations with Geogard Ultra™ preservative.”

Innovation Seminar

Title: Choosing the Right Preservative: Addressing the Changing Needs of Wet Wipe Preservation

Speaker: Angela Sangirardi, Global Application Development Manager - Preservation, Lonza Consumer Care

Location: Innovation Seminar Theatre

Date & Time: Wednesday, 7 September, 3:10 pm