06 Jun 2016
Lonza to Address Global Trends in Skin Care and Evolving Facial Wipe Market at World of Wipes ® Conference

Allendale, NJ (USA), 6 June 2016 – Consumer wipes can offer multi-functional benefits in skin care – beyond make-up removal – and wipes producers should “think outside the box” to respond to evolving facial care trends such as the management of visible effects of aging and environmental aggressors. These will be just some of the takeaways from Vito Cataldo, Lonza's North America Marketing Manager for Personal Care, when he presents “Global Trends in Skin Care and How the Facial Wipe Market is Evolving” at WoW, the World of Wipes® International Conference, 7-10 June in Chicago.

Cataldo will explain that while the global skin care market continues to grow at around 6%, the facial cleansing wipe market is booming, with about 10% projected annual growth over the next several years.*

“Consumers are looking to the facial wipe market to provide them with multiple benefits and to supplement or replace their skin care regimens,” Cataldo will point out. “The multifunctional claims being made in facial wipes mirror some of the claims seen in the skin care market. By being aware of global skin care trends, we can begin to predict what the next generation of wipes may look like.”

Cataldo will discuss how these global skin care trends, which are not currently addressed in the wipes market, provide opportunities for innovation and responding to consumer concerns, such as the following:

  • Management of visible effects of aging – through mitigating the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and firming/sculpting
  • Environmental aggressors – products that help mitigate the visible effects of environmental aggressors such as UV rays and air pollutants
  • Customization – enabling consumers to design or personalize aspects of their product
  • Products which are naturally derived
  • Appearance consciousness – pressure to look one's best

Cataldo will outline potential innovations and applications for wipes to deliver skin care benefits that respond to these trends. For example, companies may consider wipes managing the visible effects of ageing with different focuses for different age groups, to respond to evolving needs over time. Or, they may generate “on-the-go” facial wipes with UV protection, anti-oxidants and film formers that can protect a consumer's skin when he or she is about to spend time outside.

Driven by the philosophy, “Inspire the Formulator... Excite the Consumer...™” and with expertise in skin care and chassis ingredients, the Lonza personal care business is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers create new and innovative facial wipes.

Cataldo will also discuss Lonza's response to these market trends: “In addition to understanding customer needs, we understand skin physiology, formulation, and ingredients that might improve efficacy. That's why we encourage the wipes industry to partner with skin care experts to help build their evolving next generation facial wipes.”

The World of Wipes International Conference will take place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Mr. Cataldo will present in the Connecting Consumers seminar at 2 pm on Thursday, 9 June.