12 Apr 2016
Lonza Polyaldo ® 10-1-CC Polyglyceryl Ester Provides High-Performing and Mild, Foam Boost for Surfactant Cleansing Systems

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 12 April 2016 – At in-cosmetics 2016 in Paris, Lonza Consumer Care (Stand N30) is showcasing Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester for personal care surfactant cleansing systems such as baby shampoos, hand washes and facial cleaners. ECOCERT-certified and manufactured from 100% plant-derived raw materials, Polyaldo® 10-1-CC (INCI name: Polyglyceryl-10 caprylate/caprate) provides a mild, high-performing foam boost, improving formulation aesthetics in these systems.

Polyaldo® 10-1-CC has better flash foam properties than many other competitive raw materials. “Our research shows a three times faster foam build over the first 200 seconds in face wash and baby shampoo applications,” said Victor Low, Global Marketing Manager - Chassis - Personal Care, Lonza Consumer Care.

In vivo Epiderm™ evaluation resulted in Polyaldo® 10-1-CC classified as “very mild” on the skin. “Polyaldo® 10-1-CC is a low- to no-irritant on the skin,” Low said, “so it's great for skin care products, cleansing systems, baby shampoos, baby washes and the like.”

A third benefit that will inspire formulators is a higher surface activity. Polyaldo® 10-1-CC was evaluated to have a lower critical micelle concentration (CMC) versus a competitive material. “The increased surface activity can help build foams faster and support better foam structure,” said Low.

Polyaldo®10-1-CC mild, foam booster extends the comprehensive Lonza Personal Care portfolio of esters and emollients that enhance formulation aesthetics and nourish and beautify skin.

For more information about Polyaldo® 10-1-CC polyglyceryl ester, contact Victor Low, Global Marketing Manager - Chassis - Personal Care, Lonza Consumer Care at victor.low@lonza.com.