11 Apr 2016
New Catalog from Lonza Highlights Functionalities for Easy Personal Care Solution Identification

South Plainfield, NJ (USA), 11 April 2016 – Lonza today released a new comprehensive catalog of its broad range of solutions and ingredients to inspire formulators to create market-changing, consumer-preferred personal-care formulas.

The 22-page catalog is organized into two sections. The first section includes technologies such as bioactives, delivery systems and proteins designed to “excite the consumer.” The second covers functional solutions that “inspire the formulator,” including specialty esters, preservative and protection systems, and aesthetic and formulation enhancers.

Using a matrix format, each section lists Lonza technologies by trade name and INCI name, which enables formulators to better determine a product's compatibility with other ingredients in a formulation. In addition to listing applicability of each product for skin and/or hair care, the catalog denotes the characteristics and features specific to each type of product.

“The catalog allows our customers to easily search through our broad portfolio to identify the best-suited ingredients for their formulas,” said Penny Antonopoulos, Head of Global Marketing, Personal Care. “We've designed the catalog so that formulators can select specific technologies based on the function they serve in their formula and then on the consumer benefits they look to impart to the end product.”

The Lonza Personal Care Solutions Guide is available for download upon registration on the UL Prospector website.