06 Jan 2016
Lonza to Showcase Automation Solutions for Transfection and Endotoxin Testing Technologies at SLAS2016

Walkersville, MD (USA)/Cologne (DE), 6 January 2016 – Lonza announced today that its team will attend SLAS2016, the Fifth Annual International Conference and Exhibition hosted by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, which will take place from 23-27 January 2016 in San Diego, CA (USA). At Booth 1753, Lonza's experts will demonstrate how the company's instruments, reagents and software can be integrated into robotic platforms for automated workflow solutions, enabling more effective transfection and endotoxin testing.

Combining Nucleofection and Automation

Lonza's Nucleofector™ Technology is an enhanced method of electroporation that allows users to successfully transfect a multitude of substrates into primary cells, stem cells and hard to transfect cell lines.

By combining a Nucleofector™ Device with Lonza's easy-to-use Nucleofector™ Kits and the company's range of cell-type specific protocols, high transfection efficiencies can be reproducibly achieved with excellent cell viability. At SLAS2016 Lonza's experts will be discussing how this approach can be automated to enable high-throughput screening of CRISPR libraries and other applications.

Automating QC Processes in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lonza has been providing endotoxin-detection products and services for nearly 40 years and has been leading the way in innovation for products, methods and software. Recognizing the importance that software plays in accurate data analysis and reporting for endotoxin detection, Lonza has made significant investments in software over the last 25 years.

Lonza's WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection Software offers a fully integrated solution for quantitative endotoxin-detection testing, data management and reporting needs. It can now be integrated into robotic platforms to provide a walk-away solution for endotoxin testing – ideal for laboratories looking to reduce time-consuming manual pipetting and dilutions or to eliminate retesting associated with manual pipetting errors.

“At our SLAS2016 booth, we will be sharing, for the first time, details of new product developments scheduled for early 2016,” said Katrin Hoeck, Head of Marketing Analysis and Testing at Lonza Bioscience Solutions. “These products will be of interest to anyone working in commercial drug discovery, pharmaceutical manufacturing or translational research. Our experts will be available at the booth to take interested parties through the benefits offered by Lonza solutions and to provide examples of how these have helped customers – particularly in hot areas such as genome editing and immunotherapy. They will also demonstrate the advantages of replacing manual error-prone processes with automated solutions for endotoxin testing.”

Meet with Lonza at SLAS2016

Lonza invites journalists attending SLAS2016 to visit Booth 1753 at the exhibition to learn more about the company's transfection and endotoxin-testing solutions.