14 Apr 2015
in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015: Lonza Showcases Innovations Inspiring Formulators
  • Lonza showcases Personal Care market innovations along with the new communication concept “Inspire the Formulator…Excite the Consumer™” 
  • Stand location: 6C50, Hall 6, Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

South Plainfield, New Jersey, 14 April 2015 – At this year’s in-cosmetics (14-16 April) in Barcelona (ES), Lonza showcases its technologies and capabilities under its Consumer Care business. In line with its philosophy of Inspire the Formulator…Excite the Consumer™, the Consumer Care business will highlight the latest advancements for skin tone, preservation and formulation chassis enhancements.

“The Lonza Consumer Care vision has allowed us to align our resources and leverage our synergies to provide a global footprint where we can partner with our customers around the world to create market-changing, consumer-desired personal care formulas,” said Mark Miller, Senior Vice President, Consumer Care. “Leveraging our market expertise and our leading-edge capabilities, we are strategically oriented to deliver science-based solutions and market-driven technology platforms.”

“Through our Personal Care portfolio, we look to Inspire the Formulator with a variety of functional elements, such as chassis ingredients, delivery systems, aesthetic modifiers, and preservatives, that allow formulators to act on new ideas and solve difficult formulating challenges, said Lisa Bouldin, Vice President, Consumer Care. “In addition, we strive to understand consumer desires and create solutions that Excite the Consumer. Driven by the need to deliver differentiated technologies to our customers, the Lonza portfolio contains anti-aging actives, natural and ecofriendly bioactives, skin tone enhancers, healthy hair and scalp chemistries, and more.”

A Multifaceted Approach to Luminous Skin
Luminosity is synonymous with healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. Lonza Consumer Care delivers solutions for luminous skin via biotechnologically-derived actives, botanical extracts and purified molecules.

Lonza Consumer Care is pleased to introduce its next-generation biotech active, ReGeniStem™ Brightening. Derived from the meristematic stem cells of licorice, this easy-to-use, oil-soluble skincare active contains a high level of actives to help brighten skin. Imperfections come in many different forms; whether they are under-eye circles, beauty marks or simply lackluster skin. Designed to brighten skin and even skin tone without irritation, ReGeniStem™ Brightening is the latest solution for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

In addition, Lonza Consumer Care will be launching Niacinamide USP PC, a multi-benefit active, to the global Personal Care market. Lonza has been a leading manufacturer/supplier of vitamin B3 for more than 40 years producing Niacinamide in different forms for a number of consumer markets. Niacinamide has been used for years to enhance the efficacy of skin care and hair care formulas. Niacinamide USP PC, which is low in niacin, helps to enhance the tone and texture of skin and improve its overall appearance.

Protect and Preserve New Forms of Beauty
Keeping consumers safe from product contamination throughout a product’s life is essential for brand and product success. Lonza’s portfolio of Preservative and Protection Systems offers solutions such as broad spectrum activity, traditional and next-generation and natural technologies, and chemistries that are accepted for use in global formulations.

The latest addition to its portfolio is Geogard® LSA preservative blend, a highly efficacious broad spectrum antimicrobial blend comprised of several non-traditional ingredients, which have wide global approvals. This next-generation preservation option meets consumers’ key desired effects and can be readily incorporated into formulas.

Create Aesthetically Pleasing and Texturally Intriguing Formulas
There are many ways to enhance the appearance, feel and functionality of a finished formulation. Lonza Consumer Care provides formulators with a unique tool box of technologies to allow them to create intriguing, consumer-desirable products.

The Polyaldo® polyglycerol esters series allows for the creation of a range of formulation bases with aesthetic appeal. These multifunctional ingredients are manufactured using natural, renewable resources; and are safe and free of 1,4-dioxane and any of its precursors. These natural emulsifiers are ideal for both rinse-off and leave-on applications providing moisturization properties along with a pleasant skin feeling.

Our Latest Advancements Displayed at the Innovation Zone
Within the Innovation Zone, Lonza Consumer Care will showcase its latest advancements and highlight the key benefits that each of these technologies delivers. Under the actives category, ReGeniStem™ Brightening, our meristem-based, oil-soluble active designed to visibly brighten skin; and Niacinamide USP PC, a multi-benefit active to even tone and enhance appearance of skin, will be featured. Under the functional category, two solutions to meet formulation challenges will be presented: Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters, natural emulsifiers for enhanced formulation aesthetics; and Geogard® LSA preservative blend, a highly efficacious blend of several nontraditional ingredients.

Innovative Solutions for Preservation and Protection Systems
During the Innovation Seminar, Lonza will present “The Latest in Broad Spectrum Protection for Personal Care Products”, highlighting Geogard® LSA preservative blend, a highly efficacious broad spectrum antimicrobial designed to protect the integrity of Personal Care products.
Location: Theatre 2; Date/Time: Tuesday, 14 April, at 11:10 a.m.

Live Demonstration on How to Enhance the Rheology of Formulations
To further enhance the learning experience of in-cosmetics visitors, Lonza Consumer Care we will provide a hands-on opportunity for customers to understand the formulation benefits of our naturally derived Polyaldo® polyglyceryl esters.
Location: Innovation Zone Live Demo Area; Date/Time: Wednesday, 15 April, from 15:45-16:15.

Lonza Consumer Care Supports the Look Good Feel Better® Program
Lonza Consumer Care is a proud supporter of the Look Good Feel Better® program*. The Look Good Feel Better® program is a free, non-medical, brand-neutral public service helping individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, and thereby manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence.

To further highlight their care initiative, Lonza Consumer Care will be hosting an in-booth customer reception at 16:30 on Wednesday, 15 April to reinforce how Lonza Consumer Care and their customers can unlock the possibilities of care, together.