10 Apr 2015
Lonza Consumer Care Introduces Highly Efficacious Geogard? LSA Preservative Blend

South Plainfield, New Jersey, 9 April 2015 – Lonza Consumer Care is launching Geogard® LSA preservative blend, a highly efficacious broad-spectrum antimicrobial that was designed to protect the integrity of personal-care products. This patent-pending preservative blend is comprised of several non-traditional ingredients that have wide global approvals and are easy to use within formulations.

"Our new Geogard® LSA preservative is an easy-to-use blend that is compatible with most raw materials used in personal care,” says Laura Szymczak-Frye, Global Marketing Manager, Lonza Consumer Care. “It is non GMO and offers efficacy at a pH range of 3 through 6.”  

Drawing on its decades-long experience in the cosmetic and personal-care industries and on its skills in analytical chemistry and toxicology, Lonza Consumer Care developed Geogard® LSA preservative to offer formulators more options for next-generation preservation that meet consumers key desired effects and can be readily incorporated in their formulation process.