09 Dec 2014
Lonza Executes Collaboration Agreements with Two Innovation Clusters
  • Lonza entered two collaboration agreements with the Medicen Paris Region Innovation Cluster in France and the BioPmed Innovation Cluster - Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA in Piemonte Region - Italy
  • Lonza supports clusters with technical presentations and workshops focusing on our technological platforms
  • Lonza gains easier access for potential in-licensing of new technologies and products

Basel, Switzerland, 10 December 2014 – Lonza recently entered into collaboration agreements with two prominent innovation clusters in France and Italy to help support small biotechnology companies that are developing novel therapeutics.

Medicen Paris Region is one of Europe’s biggest life sciences and healthcare clusters. Its goal is to highlight and reinforce the Paris Region as Europe's leading industrial center for medical devices innovations and health technologies. BioPmed Innovation Cluster in Italy promotes and develops the use of different technological solutions from many companies to address unmet medical needs.

Clusters connect and collaborate with other clusters, bringing together large and small firms, research labs and educational establishments across Europe and the United States to develop synergies and work cooperatively. Lonza will offer cluster members technical presentations and workshops on specific Lonza technologies and will share its expertise and experience in a range of early-stage product development topics

"These collaboration agreements will benefit Lonza by giving us a better understanding of the mid- and long-term strategies of the biotech industry in Europe," said Anne Hays, Head of Lonza’s Custom Development Services Organization. "We will also get an early look at potential technology in-licensing opportunities and learn about new therapeutic and technological developments to benefit patients."