26 Mar 2014
Lonza Offers Disinfectants to Combat Norovirus on Cruise Ships

Allendale, NJ, 25 March 2014 – The need for disinfectants was underscored yet again this winter, as hundreds of people aboard several cruise ships in the Caribbean fell ill with norovirus. Lonza’s Hygiene & Preservation business offers the highly effective Lonzagard® family of disinfectants in multiple delivery forms to help combat the spread of norovirus.

Reports of the severe gastrointestinal illnesses caused by the norovirus have plagued the cruise-ship industry for many years. All too routine are news videos of vessels affected by the outbreaks having to return early to port.

Lonza’s line of Lonzagard® disinfectant products (available in North America and Europe) enables effective cleaning and disinfecting of all areas of a ship, including guest rooms, dining areas, bathrooms and other quarters. These products are offered in multiple, easy-to-use forms, from single-use wipes to sprays and concentrates. “Our products have proven efficacy against norovirus and are quick and easy to use; in fact, our North American Wipes Plus 2™ offering has a low four-minute contact time,” said Ernesto Lippert, Global Director for Lonza’s Hygiene & Preservation business, which is a part of the company’s Consumer Care organization.

Lonza provides these technologies through partners servicing the cruise ship industry. Visit www.lonza.com/norovirussolutions to learn more, or contact your cleaning chemicals supplier today and ask about products powered by Lonzagard® technology.