30 Jan 2014
Lonza Personal Care Introduces New Hair Conditioning Agent Built on Natural Larch Tree Extract

South Plainfield, New Jersey, 3 February 2014 – Lonza Personal Care’s latest innovation is the Laraquat™ specialty conditioning polymer for hair care applications. Based on a natural extract (galactoarabinan) from larch trees, this patented product provides key conditioning benefits, such as improving hair manageability and protecting hair from humidity, reducing frizz significantly.

The larch tree extract is a natural polysaccharide polymer that is linked with sugar units consisting of galactose and arabinose. It is then enhanced through a quaternization process that makes the Laraquat™ specialty hair conditioning agent more substantive to hair. It can be used in a variety of hair care formulations. 

Lonza Personal Care is a part of Lonza’s Consumer Care organization, which also includes the company’s Hygiene and Nutrition businesses. Speaking to the synergies available to customers under Consumer Care, the Nutrition business draws on this same larch tree extract to create its ResistAid™ nutritional supplements, which provide both digestive health benefits and immune system support.