20 Jun 2024
Lonza Launches Enprotect® Size 9 Capsule to Accelerate Pre-Clinical Development of Acid-Sensitive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Lonza launches Capsugel® Enprotect® size 9 capsule to support the evaluation of candidate drugs
  • New size 9 capsule enables pre-clinical testing in rodents, which accelerates drug development and expedites first-in-human timelines
  • The new capsule enables consistent release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in the small intestine without the need for additional coating

Basel, Switzerland, 20 June 2024 – Lonza, a global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical markets, announced today the launch of the Capsugel® Enprotect® capsule in a smaller size 9 format to serve as a simple pre-clinical solution for delivering acid-sensitive APIs.

The capsule is based on Lonza’s award-winning innovative Capsugel® Enprotect® technology, which protects the drug payload from the acidic environment of the stomach, prevents gastric irritation and allows for enteric release. The new, smaller size 9 capsule enables the use of acid-sensitive drugs in pre-clinical testing in rodents. It uses a capsule technology that can be used from clinical trials to commercial manufacturing, accelerating clinical development and first-in-human timelines.

The capsules do not require additional coatings to achieve acid protection and targeted enteric delivery, which simplifies the formulation and manufacturing process. Testing APIs in their finished dosage form brings great advantages for clinical testing and commercial launch, as the compatibility of the API with excipients and materials used for capsule manufacturing is considered from the earliest stages of pre-clinical development.

Vincent Jannin, Director, R&D, Capsules & Health Ingredients, Lonza, commented: “Advancing a drug candidate from drug discovery to clinical trials faces numerous challenges that can impede progress and delay the development of potentially life-saving medications. Conventional methods of oral administration in pre-clinical research present several challenges, including inconsistent dosing, poor drug absorption, and the risk of drug degradation in the gastrointestinal tract. Capsugel® Enprotect® Size 9 capsules address these challenges head-on, offering a highly efficient and effective solution for pre-clinical oral administration in rodent studies. Performing these tests using the final dosage form at this early stage leads to more insightful testing, more accurate pharmacokinetic profiles, and predictive efficacy outcomes.”

The Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients Division offers a wide range of expertise and experience in developing innovative capsules with differing release profiles. These capsules can address a wide variety of patient needs while meeting regulatory requirements for multiple pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Additional Information

Learn more about Capsugel® Enprotect® capsules, visit Capsugel® Enprotect® Capsule | Lonza