14 Nov 2023
Lonza Launches GS Effex® Cell Line for the Development of Therapeutic Antibodies with Increased Potency
  • New cell line designed to help overcome challenges in immunotherapy research and development related to the need for antibody therapeutics to have increased potency
  • Derived from Lonza’s GS Xceed® cell line, GS Effex® fits effectively into Lonza platforms
  • Available under license for use in customer facility or as a service offering

Basel, Switzerland, 14 November 2023 - Lonza announced today the launch of its new GS Effex® cell line for the development of therapeutic antibodies with enhanced potency.

The GS Effex® cell line was developed to meet pressing market needs originating from the shift towards more sophisticated therapeutic antibodies. Derived from Lonza’s leading GS Xceed® cell line, GS Effex® fits effectively into Lonza platforms. Combined with good cell growth and the ability to produce therapeutic antibodies with increased potency, the new cell line provides a solution for therapeutic development from discovery stage research through to commercial manufacturing.

This stable, scalable, and productive cell line produces Fc domains free of fucose, which increases the antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) function and therapeutic potency of the final antibody. GS Effex® is available under license or as a complete service offering.

Ulrich Osswald, Vice President, Licensing, Lonza, commented: "Lonza is committed to providing our customers with the right tools to develop their novel therapies. Leveraging more than 35 years of protein expression expertise, more than 75 molecules have been manufactured and brought to the clinic using our expression platforms. The new GS Effex® cell line represents an enhanced solution especially relevant for the oncology field since improved ADCC represents a vital enhancement of the therapeutic success of an antibody product."

Atul Mohindra, Head of Biologics R&D, Lonza, added: “At Lonza, we develop and invest in novel, disruptive technologies with potential to transform the development, analytics, and manufacturing of established and novel biotherapeutics. The GS Effex® cell line provides a reliable protein expression platform with the needs of our customers in mind. This cell line enables the efficient production of monoclonal antibodies with increased ADCC, while also delivering the required product quality and efficacy profile.”

Lonza's industry-leading GS Gene Expression System® builds on more than 35 years of expertise in mammalian expression, process development, and technical and manufacturing expertise, supported by continuous innovation. The system includes Lonza's proprietary host cell lines, GS Xceed® and GS Effex®, GS piggyBac® transposon technology, GS Discovery® transient expression system, vectors, optimized processes and extensive expertise.

Additional Information
To find out more about the new GS Effex® cell line, please visit: https://www.lonza.com/biologics/expression-technologies/gs-effex-cell-line