Sustainability is at the forefront of the way Lonza runs its business. Thanks to its Vision Zero initiative, it aspires to reduce emissions, water consumption and waste, as well as work without incidents. There has already been a significant reduction in incidents and improvements in efficiency, and there is now a major focus on improving our operations and our supply chain to meet more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. 

In this webinar, we will describe how Lonza is working to reduce the environmental impact of small molecules production by combining state-of-the-art production facilities, resource-saving processes, solvent recycling and low-energy waste treatment. In particular, we will highlight our approach to wastewater treatment, where we are introducing advanced treatment methodologies in order to avoid wastewater incineration.


Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Lonza Small Molecules Sustainability Approach
  •  Lonza Wastewater Incineration Reduction Methodology
  • Lonza Wastewater Incineration Reduction Success Stories 
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