Spray drying has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of particle engineering and bioavailability enhancing applications. The process is continuous and readily scalable to accommodate the needs of programs from early feasibility assessments through large-scale commercial launch. Spray dried powders can be readily converted to solid dosage forms for oral dosing or dosed as dry powders with a specified device for inhaled applications. 

This webinar will focus on defining the spray drying process and the approach that Lonza uses to scale-up programs using this technology. Additionally, there will be emphasis on specific enhancements that have been made to the spray drying process to accommodate scale-up to commercial scale equipment of challenging applications or molecules, including those with extremely poor organic/water solubility and inhaled products.

 Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the spray drying process 
  • Discover how Lonza scales up programs while using this technology
  • Learn about enhancements in the spray drying process to accommodate scale-up of poorly soluble molecules and inhaled products
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