Increasing complexity and tight timelines are putting more pressure on professionals involved in clinical drug development. Selecting a partner with the necessary flexibility and capabilities, plus a multidisciplinary team of connected experts, increases the likelihood that clinical milestones will be reached.

In this on-demand webinar, we will show how Lonza is able to help advance new compounds with complex chemistry through each stage of development. This is done by refining processes to give them fit-for-purpose manufacturability and yields to meet customers’ timelines and regulatory bodies’ requirements. Case studies will also be presented.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the challenges in clinical drug development, and explain how to select a partner with the knowledge, flexibility and capacity required to reach milestones, and advance new compounds from the lab through each stage of development
  • Find out about Lonza’s recent investments in Drug Substance at the Nansha facility, giving greater flexibility in the clinical development of HPAPIs, and enlarging the existing capacity for clinical manufacturing
  • Discover via case studies how to move from Medicinal Chemistry to scalable processes, suitable for manufacturing clinical batches at the planned scale, by improving yield and throughput for fast delivery
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