A smart, data-driven approach to formulate biotherapeutics for PFS with confidence

The global prefilled syringe (PFS) market was estimated as $7.22 billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow to $16.32 billion by 2030.

The use of PFSs to administer biotherapeutics is beginning to gain traction because they offer a range of stability, efficacy, and patient safety benefits.

Accurately determining the injection force needed to expel a biotherapeutic from a PFS indicates how injectable the final formulation will be, Lonza has used advanced testing capabilities to assess the factors that could impact injection force (needle length/diameter and viscosity changes with shear thinning). This has enabled us to refine a improved injection force prediction models which can be used to accurately predict injectability performance of biotherapeutics in a PFS and autoinjector format.

In this white paper

We outline how Lonza has developed a novel workflow to ensure confidence regarding functionality in PFS and autoinjectors.

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