Modern science and technology have transformed the biopharma industry by providing the critical knowledge and tools necessary to enhance research and streamline testing. As a result of this innovation, today’s biomanufacturers are making significant strides toward advancing patient care through a better understanding of the human body as well as improving the identification of novel modalities and targets. However, this revolution does not come without challenges, as market fragmentation, increasingly diverse and complex molecules, and an ongoing call for more efficiency are not only drastically changing the product landscape but also the business models we use to bring drugs to market. This creates significant hurdles, especially when trying to accommodate changing volume needs throughout the drug development journey. Recognizing the need for flexibility in drug development and manufacturing capacity, Lonza Biologics has introduced a wide range of capabilities and processes to complement its existing suite of innovative products and services, all of which are intended to improve the efficiency and productivity of biologics manufacturing. Jeffrey O’Connor, Senior Director of Commercial Management at Lonza recently sat down to answer questions about the challenges in this changing market and the solutions they have available to help customers successfully develop and manufacture their lifesaving products.
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