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High Performing Production Host Cell Line and Plasmids

At the heart of our robust processes is our AAV Transient Expression platform. Lonza’s proprietary 5B8 Production Host Cell Line and AAV Production Plasmids were developed based on our experience of the needs of developers of gene therapies. The 5B8 cell line is a HEK293 suspension host cell line, selected and developed at Lonza for high AAV productivity. AAV productivity is boosted by a combination of Lonza’s pHelper plasmid and promoter designed to balance expression of your Rep/Cap proteins across multiple AAV serotypes and genes of interest (GOIs). The 5B8 cell line is cultured in animal-component-free conditions and has demonstrated scalability for AAV production. Established research and cGMP cell banks are available for customer projects. The 5B8 cell line and know-how for production of Lonza’s pHelper plasmid and Rep/Cap promoter are available to license for use in your laboratory or production facility.

Now Available to Take to Your Laboratory
5B8 Production Host Cell Line
  • Suspension HEK293 cell line
  • High AAV productivity for multiple serotypes and GOIs
  • Proven scalability for AAV production
  • Research and cGMP cell banks available under license
AAV Production Plasmids
  • Proprietary know-how on pHelper plasmid and promoter for balanced Rep/Cap expression
  • Higher productivity and titers1
  • Optimized for multiple AAV serotypes and GOIs

1 Lonza in-house data, comparison to standard commercially available plasmids.

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Behnam Ahmadian - Global Head of Process Development 
Behnam Ahmadian Baghbaderani

Global Head of Process Development