Potency assessment

Potency assays are the foundation of understanding your therapeutic’s activity in order to inform the development program and manufacturing campaign.

Lonza can perform both safety and potency assays allowing for very early, cost effective assessments. Binding assays, for example ELISA can be performed to verify target binding, especially useful following protein engineering, and we can go further with in vitro activity assays. Lonza can both source the cells for the assays as well as perform the assays which ensures an integrated supply chain.

Our in vitro potency assays

Binding assays Activity assays
ELISA binding assays  “True” potency assays (ADCC, ADCP, CDC)
Cell binding assays (membrane binding of the target cell)  General killing assays (eg. for ADCs)
Binding kinetics (Biacore, Octet) Customized assays
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