Cross-modality analytical services

Supporting mammalian, microbial and bioconjugates at all stages, ensuring a phase-appropriate method is in place at the right time

We provide biologics analytical services to supporting all stages of product and process development, for drug substance and drug product manufacturing, across multiple modalities . Our enhanced analytical capabilities are applied to a wide range of molecules of different complexity, including new molecular formats.

Our analytical subject-matter experts support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your product, ensuring that phase-appropriate analytical tests are in place, reducing cost and accelerating your molecule to clinic and commercialization.

In addition to our experience with all relevant compendial methods, we count on a wide range of validated platform methods for different applications, supporting process development and process characterization activities, batch releases and characterization of the final product. We are continuously expanding our capabilities by developing and validating new methods, specific to your products.

Working with us, you will have access to a global network of development and manufacturing sites with phase-appropriate capabilities and expertise for analytical method development, optimization and validation.

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