Lonza Sets Goals in the Area of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

The 2016-2020 medium-term sustainability goals, which were endorsed by Lonza’s executive management in 2015, became effective with the beginning of the reporting year 2016.

These medium-term goals include a 40% reduction of the 2015 safety target of the former cycle and a 10% reduction of environmental and resource rates achieved by the end of 2015. The decision to apply relative goals (rates on sales) was made on the basis of the challenges related to the business portfolio and the asset portfolio that lie ahead.

The goals include direct (scope-1) and indirect (scope-2) greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), other established lead parameters for air emissions, as well as the resources-related parameters energy and water consumption. The GHG goal 2020 has been adjusted to updated indirect CO2e scope-2 emission factors for various regional energy grids during 2017 (goal was reduced from 166 t/mn to 161 t/mn).


Medium-Term Goals 2016-2020