• Raised Naturally   
  • Harvested Cleanly 

One of the newest poultry customers in the U.S. for Lonza Water Treatment’s sanitizing feeder systems sells a premium, natural brand of chicken that is free of antibiotics and growth hormones or steroids.

Keeping chickens and other poultry clean from harvest to table is where the megatrend needs for both clean water and safe, abundant food intersect  --  and where Lonza is an industry leader with our decades of expertise in water treatment and microbial control.   The need is enormous, as Purdue University’s Food Animal Education Network estimates that 8 billion chickens are consumed in the U.S. each year.  

At this new customer’s site in the Midwestern U.S., Lonza’s Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Surface Water (ICMS) Water Treatment business worked with a poultry dealer to build and install a chlorination system to sanitize the process equipment used in preparing the harvested chickens for market. 

The Lonza MC4-150P feeder system creates a sanitizing solution out of our dedicated DryTec® FG sanitizing briquettes made in Lonza’s facility in Charleston, Tennessee.  The sanitizing solution is applied by many spray nozzles onto the processing equipment, helping to protect the chickens from potential pathogens. 

The MC4-150P chlorinator is the most elaborate feeder system we offer to the poultry industry, complete with pH control and a reverse osmosis device used to filter the feed water coming into the system.  Many chicken and turkey processing farms and plants throughout the Americas and elsewhere around the world use Lonza Water Treatment equipment and products.