African child drinking water

Water is one of the most basic elements for life. In all corners of the globe, shortages of water and sanitation persist. Consequently, nations throughout the world have started to secure clean and safe water resources while protecting their citizens against water-related disasters. Today, water issues are not matters of a single region or nation, but matters that require global solidarity and joint counter-measures. Tackling water challenges has become a global topic for the 21st century.

Lonza is pursuing growth opportunities created by megatrend demands for clean water across multiple market segments in emerging markets and around the globe. Whether for drinking, cooking, agricultural irrigation, beverage production, food processing or industrial applications, water is an increasingly scarce and valuable resource.

Through Lonza’s social media campaign “Clean Water – Brighter Future,” we are raising public awareness about global water issues. In addition, we are educating people about water, sanitation and hygiene concerns around the world; and we are creating a call to action by giving people advice on what they can do personally to fight the scarcity of clean water. At the same time, we are presenting our own industrial water applications, solutions and innovations to tackle these problems.

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About Lonza Water Treatment

Lonza Water Treatment’s Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Surface Water (ICMS) business offers drinking water sanitizer feeder systems that have a strong presence in North America, including sanitizing a majority of the drinking water wells on Long Island, NY (USA). We also provide algaecides to address toxic algae blooms that can affect the taste, odor and quality of water drawn from surface water reservoirs.

In crowded urban areas, the pressure on water is so great that municipalities and industries are treating and recycling waste waters so that they can be used for other purposes. We provide both sanitizers and organic coagulants that treat the water and reduce the amount of sludge, which in turn means less waste disposal. Our simple, reliable, drinking-water sanitizing systems also provide clean drinking water in urban areas throughout the world.