It’s a wise approach, to partner with a CDMO that has flexible capacity solutions and offers fully integrated services from development lab to regulatory filing. Considering this in your CMC strategy, provides the flexibility to react to variation in your product demand and to find the optimum scale for each clinical phase up to commercial launch.

Lonza’s suite of scales – recently added by 2x 4,000L capacity – allows you to scale-up and -down when your program needs it. The option to manufacture in 4 different multi-product plants – from as small as 70L up to 15,000L – covers every program eventuality.

Our new 2x 4,000L facility, consisting of two independently operatable 4,000L fermenters in the upstream suite and two separated downstream suites, is part of a series of recent investments into modern microbial manufacturing capabilities in Visp. This includes also a new state-of-the-art process development lab with a new 70L pilot lab.

For more information about scale up flexibility at Lonza and some detailed impressions on the technical capabilities, the equipment and the design principles of this new microbial mid-scale facility, download our brochure.

microbial facility MINT (4000L) in MC1
microbial facility MINT (4000L) in MC1

To hear more in detail about considerations for scale up well as about strategies for avoiding common pitfalls while navigating a program lifecycle, you may additionally consider joining our upcoming webinar: "Balancing the Scales"

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