Lonza has established experience and capabilities in rAAV production and is continually identifying and evaluating new opportunities to improve productivity. Recent examples include the proprietary cell line (5B8 HEK293) and plasmids (pLHI-Helper and pLHI-RepCap) described herein, which when used in conjunction dramatically improve the production of AAV for a range of serotypes.

Scientists can have access to our new triple plasmid transfection technology and 5B8 HEK293 cells under a research license. These technologies have also been incorporated into our suspension Xcite™ AAV manufacturing platform. Gene therapy developers can therefore benefit greatly from not only the technologies independently, but also Lonza’s experience and deep knowledge regarding rAAV process development and optimization. Partnering with Lonza allows access to technologies and expertise that will help improve the manufacturing productivity and scalability of AAV-based gene therapies and could potentially accelerate time to clinic and market for these life changing treatments.

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