2022 Highlights


We started 2022 with the launch of our new bYlok® Technology for the discovery and design of bispecific antibodies.

We also shared solid Full-Year 2021 financial results.


We announced Christian Seufert as our new President of the Capsules & Health Ingredients division.

We also announced the successful expansion of our API manufacturing laboratory in Nansha (CN).


We expanded the functionality for our Cocoon® Platform with a new magnetic selection capability for cell therapy manufacturing.


We announced our investment in additional inhalation capabilities at our Tampa (US) site.

We expanded our Capsugel® offering with the launch of titanium dioxide-free (TiO2-free) white hard gelatin capsules, helping customers to meet new EU regulatory requirements for nutraceutical applications.).


We announced the completion of our early clinical phase development and manufacturing facility in Bend (US).

We also launched the PyroCell® Monocyte Activation Test - Human Serum System. This uses human serum instead of fetal bovine serum for pyrogen testing.


At the beginning of H2, we announced the appointment of Maria Soler Nunez as Head of Group Operations.

We announced a CHF ~500 million investment to build a large-scale commercial drug product facility in Stein (CH).

We also announced a solid financial performance at Half-Year 2022 with 16.8% CER sales growth and 33.1% CORE EBITDA margin.


We announced our collaboration with Touchlight to expand our end-to-end offering for mRNA manufacturing.

We completed the expansion of our Highly Potent API (HPAPI) multipurpose suite for payload-linkers in Visp (CH).

We also announced the appointment of Daniel Palmacci as President of the Cell & Gene division.


We announced the collaboration with Singzyme to enhance our bioconjugation offering.

October marked an important milestone for our Houston (US) site, with two cell and gene therapies manufactured at the site receiving FDA approval.


We launched Capsugel® Enprotect™, the first ever coating-free capsule to support the delivery of acid-sensitive APIs directly to the small intestine.

We announced the collaboration with biotech company AbTis to extend our bioconjugation capabilities.