Annual Report


“For Lonza, 2022 was a year characterized by sustained growth momentum supported by a focus on stable business performance and corporate sustainability. The Board has worked closely with the executive management to ensure the company strategy remained focused on serving the most pressing and complex needs of our customers while delivering long-term value back to our business.”

Albert M. Baehny

“125 years on from the foundation of our company, Lonza is more dynamic, agile and forward-focused than ever. Since 1897, Lonza has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the day with energy, light, fertilizer and now medical treatments and technologies. In 2022, we continued to adapt to our changing environment, while consolidating our position as a strategic partner to the healthcare industry.”

Pierre-Alain Ruffleux
Chief Executive Officer

Lonza at a Glance


Employees (Full-time equivalent)




New CDMO programs signed in 2022


Global development and manufacturing sites


CORE EBITDA margin in %


Trademark filings


Sales in CHF


New CDMO customers in 20224


Sales growth in %1


Small2 and large3 molecules


ROIC in %


CDMO customers4


Active patent families

  1. Constant exchange rate (CER); in actual exchange rate (AER) +15.0%

  2. Including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), highly potent API (HPAPI), dosage form and delivery systems and particle engineering

  3. Including mammalian, microbial, bioconjugates and cell and gene therapy products (personalized medicines are included for pre-clinical and clinical molecules only, early development services are included for pre-clinical molecules only)

  4. Based on distinct companies

Personal Perspectives

Maria Soler Nunez

Head, Group Operations

“In 2022, we delivered an extensive portfolio of growth projects across our operations, while navigating the challenges arising from continuing supply disruptions. We also built important foundations in key areas such as automation, supply chain and data management, as well as implementing a responsible sourcing program, to embed ethical, social, governance and environment-related principles in our procurement management processes and to support sustainability and decarbonization in our value chain.”

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Philippe Deecke

Chief Financial Officer

“In 2022, we delivered a solid financial performance in line with our guidance, despite a challenging macroeconomic environment characterized by supply chain challenges, and rising inflation and interest rates. Our net debt leverage of +/-0, enables us to fully maintain our investment and financing flexibility.”

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Caroline Barth

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

“During 2022, we continued to focus on building strong foundations to drive engagement and retention. This was illustrated by an increase in our Employee Engagement Index to 67 (from 65 in September 2021).”

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Andreas Bohrer

Group General Counsel

“Sustainability is one of our five core strategic priorities. It secures our freedom to operate, boosts investor confidence and supports talent attraction and retention. For these reasons, it sits at the heart of our approach to delivering long term value at an economic, environmental and social level.”

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Jean-Christophe Hyvert

President, Biologics Division

“Demand for commercial capacity has been strong and sustained throughout 2022. We are investing in commercial assets, backed by customer agreements across modalities including mammalian, microbial and conjugation. The ramp-up of new facilities continued in 2022, including our mid-scale 6K mammalian facility and the opening of two new bioconjugates suites.”

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Gordon Bates

President, Small Molecules Division

“2022 was a year characterized by organic growth and new collaborations. Our expansions in Nansha (CN) and Bend (US) are both now complete and operational for early-phase clinical manufacturing programs. We maintained a strong pipeline of committed business throughout 2022 and entered a new clinical portfolio deal with a large pharmaceutical company.”

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Daniel Palmacci

President, Cell & Gene Division

“Since joining Lonza in November 2022, I have been impressed with the focus on meeting customers’ needs and driving technological innovation across the Cell & Gene division.”

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Christian Seufert

President, Capsules & Health Ingredients (CHI) Division

“Whilst our pharmaceutical market has remained robust, changing consumer preferences negatively impacted the nutraceutical market in 2022. We are addressing this more competitive environment through innovation, expanded end-to-end services and improved manufacturing agility.”

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Our Businesses



Sales in CHF

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Small Molecules


Sales in CHF

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Our Businesses

Cell & Gene


Sales in CHF

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Capsules & Health Ingredients


Sales in CHF

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