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Endotoxin Training, At Your Own Pace with Your Chosen Content

Lonza’s online endotoxin QC training modules are the solution to your training needs. While seminars are a great way to transfer knowledge, they usually require a significant dedication of time. We at Lonza understand that you and your team have a demanding schedule, and it is often difficult to find time to travel off-site to attend a seminar while at the same time, not interrupting work flow. With this in mind, we have developed a series of interactive, e-Learning Modules available for purchase, designed to deliver the technical knowledge you and your team need.



With online endotoxin QC training, you can benefit from:

  • Learning at your own pace as your schedule permits
  • No travel costs
  • Creating customized training packages targeted to your training needs
  • Modules available in English and French
  • Integrated test and certificate

Who Should Participate?

  • QC professionals
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists
  • Researchers
  • Production/Manufacturing Personnel

The following e-learning Modules are available in English and French:

Title Description
An Introduction to Endotoxin Testing This module introduces the learner to endotoxin, the effects endotoxin can cause to the body, regulatory compliance and calculating acceptable endotoxin limits.
Understanding the Bacterial Endotoxins Test This introductory module introduces assay mechanisms, the basic assay requirements, the need for endotoxin controls and how Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) is made.
Working with the Gel Clot Assay This module describes how to work with the gel clot assay, including calculation of the Maximum Valid Dilution (MVD), product validation and the Initial Qualification (IQ) assay.
Working with Photometric Assays This module covers the basic principles of working with photometric methods, includes a demonstration assay video and sections dealing with calculating the MVD, product characterization, product validation and routine testing.
Overcoming Interference This module covers causes of interference by stage and type, inhibition vs. enhancement and proposes solutions for the different categories of interfering products.


How To Purchase and Access the Modules

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