Move to the Extra[Ordinary]™
A Photography Exhibit

All beauty in human movement is possible thanks to our joints. What better illustrates the full range of human movement, and the power joint health grants us, than this photo art exhibit by world-renowned photographer, Bob Wolfenson. A collection of lifestyles, captured in lens by world-renowned photographer Bob Wolfenson. The essay emphasizes actual movements in sequence, associated with a particular lifestyle aspiration. This is an essay of bodies in motion in the digital era, captured to emphasize the importance of movement in our everyday life. 

Behind the scenes of the campaign

Curated by the acclaimed Brazilian fashion and portrait photographer Bob Wolfenson, the Move to the Extra[Ordinary]™ exhibit asks consumers to look again at ordinary movement – from the small, daily movements that we take for granted, to the act of pushing our bodies to their physical limit.

Leaps and Bounds

As humans, we constantly aspire for better. We reach past the status quo, striving to do better, live better, be better today than we were yesterday. We push past our own boundaries and set the bar for ourselves continuously higher, higher, higher, living our lives in a state of constant motion. Inherent in each one of our movements is the desire to pursue and experience the beauty of the everyday - gathering our strength, embracing the moment, and leaping into the possibility of tomorrow. A body in motion is more than the sum of its parts. It is a physical representation of our aspirations, our hopes and dreams reaching out through our movements and guiding how we choose to live our lives. Through dancing, running, jumping, swinging a laughing child through the air, we push ourselves past our own limitations and create our own ideal lifestyle. We are each molding our unique path through life, one beautiful movement at a time.

Experience Life Through Movement

Each and every one of our movements is fueled by the health of our bodies - of our muscles, our bones, and particularly our joints. Our joints help us stretch a little deeper, move a little easier, and experience the freedom to go the extra mile. A healthy body and joint system helps us not only achieve, but surpass our potential. We can unleash our own freedom with a little bit of care and attention to these crucial helpers.

Healthy Joints for a Healthier You

Is there a new type of workout you’ve wanted to try? Does your bucket list include climbing a mountain? Are you trying to stay healthy for your kids? Or do you just want to do everything in your daily routine, but better and with greater comfort? No matter your goals, your joints support your lifestyle. Give them some extra support back with a daily UC-II® Undenatured Type II Collagen supplement.


By the Numbers


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