How do I submit PDF invoices to Lonza?

Lonza implemented an automated solution for vendors to submit invoices directly in PDF format via email. This new process brings several advantages:

  • Faster invoice process and more secure delivery of invoices
  • Reduced negative environmental impact
  • Reduced cost for enveloping, postage and mailing
  • Receipt confirmation for submitted invoices


What are Lonza’s requirements for the Automated Solution?

  • Invoice must be in PDF format. No other format is accepted.
  • Only one invoice per PDF document is allowed. Multiple PDF documents can be included in one email and each PDF document will be processed as one invoice.
  • Attachments/back-up material must be included in the same PDF document as the invoice.
  • Email must contain a PDF invoice otherwise the email will be rejected.
  • Email including all attachments cannot exceed 5MB.
  • PDF document cannot contain any kind of encryption features.
  • Any other communication such as account queries, etc. sent to the automated solution email addresses will not be read.


Frequently Asked Questions

“I am already submitting invoices by PDF, what is changing for me?”

  • Only the email address you use might be changing. See below the new email addresses to use.

“I am submitting invoices by post and cannot comply with Lonza requirements, will my invoice be rejected?”

  • No, you can still submit your invoices by post if you cannot comply with Lonza requirements. However, we encourage you to review the benefits of submitting your invoice in PDF.

“I am submitting invoices directly to my Lonza contact; can I put him in CC of the email instead?”

  •  Yes, you can

“I am submitting invoices with attachments required by Lonza, what should I do?

  • Attachments/back-up material must be included in the same PDF document as the invoice. Alternatively, you could submit the required documentation separately directly to your Lonza contact

“How do I know if invoices have been accepted or rejected?”

  • You will receive a confirmation email stating if your invoice has been accepted for further processing. If you do not comply with Lonza’s PDF requirements, a rejection email will be automatically sent to you.

“Shall I still send invoices by post if I submit by email?”

  • No, invoices should only be sent by email OR by post. Invoices sent both by email and by post will cause delays in processing and payment of your invoice


Which email address do I use to send PDF invoices to Lonza?


Country City Company Name Email to use
Belgium Verviers Lonza Verviers SPRL
Verviers Lonza Japan Holdings SPRL
Bornem Capsugel Belgium NV
Canada Mississauga Arch Wood Protection Canada
Richmond Diacon Technologies Ltd
Vancouver Diacon Technologies Ltd
Vancouver Capsugel Canada Corporation
Czech Republic Kourim Lonza Biotec s.r.o.
Denmark Copenhagen Lonza Copenhagen ApS
Germany Cologne Lonza Cologne GmbH
YOU Solutions Germany GmbH
Great Britain Slough Lonza Biologics plc.
Lonza Biologics plc.
Xcelience Holding LLC.
Castleford Arch UK Biocides Ltd.
Castleford Arch Timber Protection
Castleford Hickson International Ltd
France Saint-Beauzire Lonza Bioscience SARL
Lonza France SARL 
Colmar Capsugel France
Italy Bergamo Lonza Milano SRL
San Giuliano Milanese Arch Chemicals SRL
Mexico  Puebla Capsugel de Mexico S DE RL DE CV.
Mexico City Casugel Distribution S DE RL DE CV.
Netherlands Breda Lonza Benelux BV
Nijmegen Arch Timber Protection BV
Nijmegen Hickson Nederland BV
Geleen / Maastricht
Lonza Netherlands B.V.
Spain Porriño YOU Solutions Iberia, S.L.
Lonza Biologics Porriño
Sweden Stockholm Lonza Sweden AB
Switzerland Basel/Visp Lonza Sales AG
Lonza AG
Lonza Solutions AG
Lonza Services AG
Lonza Group AG
Micro-Macinazione SA
United States Williamsport, PA Lonza LLC
Mapleton, IL
Lonza LLC
Portsmouth, NH Lonza Biologics
Hayward, CA
Lonza Biologics
Walkersville, MD Lonza Walkersville
Durham, NC
Lonza Walkersville
Morrisville, NC
Lonza Walkersville
Rockland, ME Lonza Rockland
Houston, TX Lonza Houston
Rochester,NY  Arch Chemicals
West Lake, LA Arch Chemicals
Lake Charles, LA Arch Chemicals
Morristown, NJ Arch Personal Care Products
Lonza America
Capsugel Inc.
Conley, GA Arch Wood Protection
Kalama, WA
Arch Wood Protection
Valparaiso, IN
Arch Wood Protection
Atlanta, GA Arch Wood Protection
Vancouver, WA Diacon-Vancouver
Cohasset, MN Lonza Consumer Health Inc
Greenwood, NC Capsugel Manufacturing LLC.
Bend, OR Bend Research Inc
Tampa, FL Xcelience LLC
Quakertown, PA Powdersize LLC

Should you have any additional question on PDF invoice submission please contact us using the following email address: pdfinboundsupport@lonza