Committing to support school for underprivileged children (India)

Since 2015, we have maintained a relationship with the Marathi Medium School Vidya Vikas Mandal for underprivileged children in Mumbai (IN). Established in 1957, the school is currently home to around 600 students and provides primary and secondary school education facilities. Lonza has supported the school by constructing and renovating school buildings and by setting up e-learning facilities, alongside computer and science laboratories. Our support has made a positive change to students' lives and has enabled management to work toward their mission of improving education for their students.

In 2019, we opened new offices in Mumbai and Gurugram, India. As we have expanded our presence, we have also expanded our outreach and support of local communities. Our local leadership team visited Sidrawali College, a local school in Haryana and donated reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers and water coolers. In doing this, we hope to ensure that the students are able to maintain their health and wellness through improved access to clean and cool water.

Bringing classical music closer to kids and teens (Switzerland)

For the last five years, we have partnered with the Basel Chamber Orchestra to support the “Classroom Piece” project. Delivered with the assistance of four of the orchestra’s musicians, the project aims to give children and young people the necessary support to develop their musical abilities, independent of social and cultural backgrounds. We are proud to support this novel project with the goal of bringing classical music closer to the local community.

Promoting youth in science (Switzerland)

In 2020, we continued our six-year partnership with Swiss Youth in Science. Founded in 1967, the foundation Schweizer Jugend forscht (Swiss Youth in Science) supports inquisitive and motivated children and young people to find inspiration in the work of science.

The foundation’s courses encourage children and young people to become more interested in subjects such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. They can also discover options for their future studies or professional careers. Through its engagement, Lonza helps contribute to the promotion of science and to developing the next generation of scientists.

Supporting a social think tank (Switzerland)

For many years, we have been a partner of Avenir Suisse, an independent think tank that focuses on the future development of society and its interdependencies with politics and economics. Founded in 1999, the organization works to demonstrate a need for political action and to help solve problems by means of initiatives and proposals. To support this objective, it delivers social analytics projects, organizes conferences and participates in public debates.