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Find out more about Meta® Products
For years reliable products containing Meta® active ingredient have given gardeners peace of mind. Meta® is the brand name for metaldyhyde, the active ingredient in many slug and snail control products for both the consumer and the agriculture industry. It is an ingredient that's been proven effective and consistent in slug and snail control for over 40 years. Meta® active ingredient has the reputation for being very effective and when used according to label instruction the risk to pets or humans is minimized. Meta® active ingredient has been specifically developed as a molluscicide only and will not harm beneficial organisms such as bees and earthworms.

  • Suitable for most garden plants and crops
  • NO residues on approved garden vegetables or agricultural crops
  • Specifically formulated as a molluscicide
  • Fast acting — control begins within 24 hours
  • Long lasting
  • 40+ years of reliable, proven control
  • When used as directed, Meta® based products minimizes the risk to pets and humans
  • Efficient — less Meta® product needed to treat same size area vs. other slug/snail control products
  • Efficacious in all weather conditions
  • Completely decomposes into carbon dioxide and water in the soil
  • No known slug or snail resistance
  • Effective, consistent performance

How Meta® Works
It works by over activating the slime production of slugs and snails which irreversibly destroys the mucus cells and their functional structures causing them to die.

General Use Guidelines

  • Use as a preventative treatment before slugs and snails appear
  • Spread product evenly over area, not in mounds
  • Do not apply product in direct contact with plants
  • Always read and follow all label directions and use precautions

Pet Precautions
When properly applied and stored according to package label directions, the product minimizes the risk to pets. Lonza cares about you and your pets; we strongly recommend that you read and follow ALL label directions.

Be sure to ask for brands that contain the Meta® active ingredient for fast, economical and effective control of all your slug and snail pests! Don't be misled, "Meta® works Best!"