Product Information

Applied Biochemists® Product Catalog
A listing of our product line including Algaecide, Herbicides, Colorants and Biological Products.

Keys to Effective Aquatic Plant Management Brochure 
A 5 step guide to using Applied Biochemists products to manage aquatic plants and algae in residential applications

How to Identify and Control Water Weeds and Algae Weedbook 
A complete guide to managing aquatic vegetation. Contact us to find a source for book hard copies.

Algal Challenge Bulletin

The Algal Challenge Test is for municipal, industrial or commercial water systems to determine the exact species of algae and appropriate product application rates. Done in association with Clemson University's Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and customer may be responsible for any costs.


Case Studies and Technical Documents

Lake Hartwell Case Study
How this water supplier resolved hundreds of taste and odor complaints.

Sago Pondweed Control in Irrigation Canals: Comparing Simulated Canal Trials to Field Applications
By: Dr. Scott Nissen and Dr. Joseph Vassios - Colorado State University, and William Ratajczyk and Brian Lind - Applied Biochemists, A Lonza Business

Microcystin Concentrations Following Treatments of Harmful Algal Blooms
By West M. Bishop, Brenda M. Johnson, John H. Rodgers, Jr. — Clemson University, Clemson SC

Management of Microcystis aeruginosa and Microcystin with Cutrine®-Ultra in Pawnee Reservoir - Lancaster County, Nebraska
By West M. Bishop, Brenda M. Johnson, John H. Rodgers, Jr., and O’Niell Tedrow

Pros and Cons in Aquatic Weed Control Methods
By James C. Schmidt.  Written for "Park Maintenance and Grounds Management" Magazine

Weed Control For Working Ponds: Guarding Function And Appearance
By James C. Schmidt.  Written for "Weeds, Trees & Turf" Magazine

Management of Blue Green Algae & Taste & Odor with Cutrine-Plus in McDaniel Lake,Greene Co. Missouri
By Russell R. Rhodes, Reynaldo J. Gumucio, Kim A. Medley

Closing in on Lyngbya at Lay and Jordan Lakes  
Shorelines publication By Alabama Power

Algae, Friend or Foe?
By Bill Ratajczyk. Written for Aquadoc Newsletter