The Constant Chlor® MC4-50 Feeder prepares and automatically delivers a consistently accurate dose of liquid available chlorine for disinfection applications.

This convenient and easy-to-use feeding system can supply up to 50 pounds of AvCL/day on a sustained basis without the storage and handling issues associated with liquid bleach or chlorine gas. With the ability to stand alone or be integrated with other process and control equipment, this highly customizable feeder uses NSF Standard 60 listed Constant Chlor® Plus dry calcium hypochlorite briquettes and spray technology to produce fresh liquid chlorine solution as needed.

Ideal for potable water, private water suppliers, remote well sites, booster stations, waste water, reclaimed water, surface water treatment plants and ground water treatment plants.


The Benefits Include:

  • Consistent and reliable chlorine solution with low initial investment
  • Compatible with all types of pumps including positive displacement pumps
  • Excellent alternative to gas and liquid bleach
    • Efficiencies in bulk storage and man hours
    • Operates at normal atmospheric pressure and is readily serviceable for refilling and cleaning while in operation
    • Eliminates metering pump air locks due to off-gassing
    • Eliminates transfer spills
    • Minimizes man hours for maintenance and shut downs


Hopper Capacity: 75 lb.
Chlorine Delivery Rate: 2.2 – 50.0 lb. AvCl/day with 70° F inlet water temperature
Pressure Range: 35 – 45 psig 
Water Inlet Size: ½ inch, FNPT 
Solution Outlet Size: ½ inch, MNPT 


Site Requirements 

 Inlet Water:

2.0 gallons per minute @ 45 – 150 psig without dilution.

10.0 gallons per minute with max dilution

 Electrical: 120V/ 1ph / 60Hz (15 amp)
 Operating Temperature: 40° to 95° F