Pulsar® Power Shock calcium hypochlorite granules activate in seconds – to shock your pool and spa water – and destroy organic contaminants with 78% available chlorine. With 92% of its granules dispersing evenly in one minute or less, there’s no need to predissolve; or clean up stains from undissolved calcium hypochlorite on the bottom of your pool. You control the dosage by the amount you scoop, pour or broadcast. Pulsar® Power SHOCK – the convenient, fast and powerful way to shock your pool water clean and clear.

Once you treat your pool with Pulsar® Power Shock, you’ll never want to wait around for those old, slow acting standard grade granules to start working.

The Benefits Include

  • Fast dissolving granules with long shelf life
  • 78% available chlorine
  • Packaged in 25 lb. plastic pails
  • Easy to use and handle — no need to pre-dissolve
  • Minimal insolubles
  • Calcium provides corrosion protection
  • Raises pH slightly

Product Literature
For detailed product information download the Pulsar® Power Shock product brochure.