Simple, Dependable and Easy to Use
Specifically designed for large pools, the Pulsar® 4 System optimizes operation and minimizes maintenance. The remarkable difference in water clarity, color and sparkle is plain to see. Using the Pulsar® System eliminates the hazards of chlorine gas and liquid bleach, protects bathers, plaster and equipment and reduces chloramine odors dramatically. Easy to use and maintain, the Pulsar® 4 System chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock treats — all in one simple process.

Pool water that’s balanced using the Pulsar® 4 System is cleaner and clearer with less hassle – leading to longer pool and equipment life. The Pulsar® 4 System’s NSF certified chlorinator provides consistent and dependable performance, even at very high chlorination rates. Using a unique spray technology, the Pulsar® 4 chlorinator enhances your pool’s filtration system to help make your pool water sparkle. It includes a constant washdown function; and has a ramped bottom with a well agitator to aid complete evacuation. A one horsepower booster pump provides suction through the venturi for optimal evacuation of the chlorinator. Easy access to the Pulsar® 4’s internal components makes maintenance a breeze.

Sparkling Pool Water. Clean and Simple.

  • For 250,000 gallon and larger pools
  • Improved water clarity, color & sparkle
  • Simplifies maintaining pH balance
  • Safer than liquid bleach or gas chlorine
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Reduces pool & equipment damage
  • Cost effective

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