Simple, Dependable and Easy to Use
With the Pulsar® 3 System chlorinator, remarkable water clarity, color and sparkle are as easy to achieve as they are to enjoy. The Pulsar®System eliminates the hazards of chlorine gas and liquid bleach, protects bathers, plaster and equipment and reduces chloramine odors dramatically. It’s the only sanitation method that chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock treats — all in one simple process. Pool water that’s balanced using the Pulsar®3 System is cleaner and clearer with less hassle – leading to longer pool and equipment life.

The Pulsar®3 System’s NSF certified chlorinator delivers consistently dependable water quality, even at very high chlorination rates. It can be used with a timer or any OPR-based pool automation unit. Easy to maintain, the Pulsar®3 System chlorinator features a unique spray technology that enhances your pool’s filtration system, helping to make your pool water sparkle. A ¾ hp booster pump provides 27 psi through the venturi for optimal evacuation of the chlorinator.

Sparkling Pool Water. Clean and Simple.

  • For pools between 50,000 and 250,000 gallons
  • Improved water clarity, color & sparkle
  • Simplifies maintaining pH balance
  • Safer than liquid bleach or gas chlorine
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Reduces pool & equipment damage
  • Cost effective

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